Where the landscape is art !

The National Park is a massive ancient seafloor uplift, with sheer walls and abrupt edges that has been the site of human activity since prehistoric times. However, even nowadays it appears to be virgin territory with abundant wild life. The most characteristic animal is the wild Iberian goat.

Would you like to take advantage of a special experience some morning? Have you heard of The Roques de Benet(ST. Benet’s Rocks, a huge stone formation)? Would you like to stroll around The Estrets (The Narrows, a stunning river canyon)? Go to Picasso’s Cave (Where Picasso lived one summer with a friend)? Would you like to breathe fresh air? Listen to the silence, walk and take photos? If the answer is yes, perfect! Book your excursion to Els Ports, we will take you by car guide you to give you a great experience.

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Jeep 80€ (De 2 a 4 places) , duration of the trip is about 3-4 hours long.

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Greenway bicycle trail

Horta de Sant Joan

Guide tour in National Park The Ports

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